Why Timing Matters In A 24 Hour Market

With so much information on the net regarding Internet marketing, identifying the best approach is difficult. You have to really dig deep and look at your business and niche you are working in and see what is working best for your competition and try to do better. Even though you may be using the same platforms, they keep beating you and you wonder why… Well, let’s get into that a bit shall we?

First and foremost, even though the Internet is open for business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, your timing still matters!

There is so much information on web marketing that is just comes a dime a dozen these days. Articles and various studies many times find things we all already know if we use our common sense. In general, more people are using the Internet to find products and services, the volume of sales is increasing each year, and people are nervous about identity theft. Wow, what a surprise. Let’s take a look at a topic that can benefit you and your business, because again, we already know this stuff.

While the Internet is available and used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, buying trends do not happen all of the time, people aren’t always shopping. Instead, there are specific to specific times like certain times of the week, and different times in the year like holiday season. In general, people are far more likely to take action on a site during the work week and during work hours. It is known that if someone is shopping during this time of the day or week, they are usually motivated to purchase at that time, either they need something for their business, or they are quickly trying to shop while at work and not get caught. Sometimes, they forgot to purchase an anniversary or a birthday gift and need something on the fly…Guilty, haha… But on the flip side, weekends or holidays (the actual holiday itself), sale conversion rates will drop as people are more likely to be blowing time just browsing around the Internet.

So, how can you  make use this information? Well, some things you can do is schedule your communications with customers to happen at the beginning of the week, preferably on a Monday or Tuesday. Your marketing materials should also be arranged in a way to offer incentives for limited time periods, typically one or two days from Monday through Thursday. This gives the customer some motivation to act. Finally, you should be sending out email newsletters on Monday evenings, so your prospects can read it when they check their email first thing Tuesday morning. The hassles of Monday should be over, which will make them more receptive to your offerings. These guidelines apply throughout the year with one exception…the holidays!

The holiday season on the Internet runs from early November through the end of the third week of December. But seemingly it keeps creeping into late October and into the early parts of January. If you sell products or services that can be tied into the holiday season, you can’t help but make a bundle during this period. Customers are highly motivated to buy and you need to get in front of them. Email communication should be sent every three days beginning in early November. The first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend is a huge online sales day. From that point forward, you should be sending different email communications to prospects and former clients on a daily basis. This is your golden time, so get in front of your customers.

There are billions of different aspects of Internet marketing discussed and debated on a daily basis, but not all of them talk about the timing of things. If you just sit back and look at your business from the big picture, you can get an idea of the things you need to adjust and start timing your moves a bit better! Timing is key in any business, no matter if you are offering a good or service.

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