Welcome to eBusiness Tips!

I would love to welcome everyone to our new home on the internet! My name is Adam Vinsant, also known as The Logical Dude. I have been working in the world of e-commerce and online business for several years, well off and on in between other jobs. But my passion is to build WordPress based (because I am not a coder by any means, haha) e-commerce websites as well as really any website for that matter, I just like putting things together like that! I offer services through my business and website, The Logical Dude, LLC, (https://thelogicaldude.com), so you if you are need of a website for your business, I am your dude!

But the purpose of ebusinesstips.net is to share with you my experiences in the world of online business and e-commerce. I will be writing articles and producing videos on my YouTube channel as well as posting to blockchain based networks like Hive and LBRY, that can help you grow your business and hopefully make some of that sweet online money!

On this site, my team and I also offer an eBook and video course store that not only you can use the information to enhance your business, but you can also use the items in your business because they are all re-sellable!

You can also come and join the affiliate marketing program where we offer a whopping 25% commission on all eBook and Video Bundle sales!

Either way you want to participate, we would love to have you along! Don’t forget that once we get videos rolling, to please go and subscribe to our YouTube channel and help spread the word!